Workplace Wellbeing

Imagine a team of happy, connected and productive employees. What would that mean for you as a manager?

Shared Harmonies helps you achieve a thriving workplace culture through our creative, singing corporate services.

Our facilitators bring 50+ years shared expertise in empowering individuals and teams to activate learning and unlock change.

We support you to build team connection and harmony

through a joyful, shared singing experience.

Our focus sits on meeting your company needs whilst delivering tangible impacts in well-being and development for employees.

Bring harmony to your team in 2021 via our engaging online or in-person service offerings.

We can’t wait to work with you to unlock the power of song!

Team Building Workshops

Our creative team building workshops are tailored to your exact requirements.

Bespoke sessions can be created to suit any size of team – from 10 to 200 people.

Through a joyful, shared experience participants are supported to:

  • Connect
  • Build trust
  • Develop a positive team culture
  • Improve wellbeing

Led by our experienced team, each workshop allows time for reflection and active learning – promoting team work and memorable change.

Strengthen team building success by booking a series of 4 sessions in 2021.

“The session really made people sit up and think that individually they are good but together they can make an amazing team” 

Claire Phelan, Hermes

Workplace Choirs

Our expert facilitators ensure that your workplace choir is tailored to meet your team and organisational needs.

Our choir sessions are engaging, energising and full of fun. They offer a brilliant way of helping you to build a workplace culture that embraces work and play.

Having a regular workplace choir is proven to:

  • Build relationships and trust amongst colleagues and across different tiers of the organisation
  • Improve staff relationships with the organisation and increase employee retention.
  • Improve concentration, creative thinking, and self-esteem, boosting productivity
  • Reduce stress, increase happiness and elevate mental and physical wellbeing.

The evidence is clear – a team that sings together thrives together!

“Our Workplace choir has moved online and now more than ever, I find it a great way to de-stress and interact with colleagues” 

Sarah Rowland, Irwin Mitchell

Wellbeing workshops

We are passionate about the power of song to enhance health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Our person-centred approach ensures everyone feels valued and included – enabling individuals and teams to shine as one.

Each session is designed to meet your company needs. We offer an engaging mix of warmups, breathing exercises and singing – helping colleagues to:

  • Release physical tension and improve posture
  • Manage mental health, stress and anxiety
  • Increase concentration 
  • Improve sleep
  • Promote happiness

These workshops provide an all-round, wellbeing boost for hard-working teams – helping them to re-fresh and thrive.

Deepen wellbeing impacts by booking a series of 4 sessions in 2021.

Conference energisers

Create a memorable impact at your next event with an energiser delivered by one of our award-winning team.

Our creative sessions are guaranteed to wow – helping delegates to:

  • Relax
  • Engage
  • Concentrate
  • Connect

You are sure to leave participants uplifted, energised and raving about your event for months to come.

“Emma went above and beyond to provide an inspiring and uplifting energiser at ‘Thrive’, a health and wellbeing event we curated for Manchester Publicity Association. The feedback was excellent from both our clients and all the 200 delegates and included how quickly Emma had put them at ease. The session was described as’ engaging’, ‘memorable’, ‘fun’ and ‘different to anything they had done before’ I can highly recommend Shared Harmonies for any corporate event to add energy, motivation and inspiration” 

Caroline Moran, Clear, Events Company 

Company Theme Song

This interactive, team building activity is sure to connect teams and get their energy flowing.  

Our expert facilitators guide your people through a creative process to produce a jingle to represent your organisation.

This joyful, hands-on session is proven to:

  • Build team connection
  • Create a cohesive vision
  • Enhance workplace culture

This is a perfect choice to boost collaboration, motivation and workplace harmony. You even go away with a recording of your very own company theme song.

Leadership Training

Our leadership sessions are led by our Director Emma Baylin – who brings 20 years training expertise to your organisation.

The training is designed to meet individual and company needs – growing authentic leaders and positive cultures.

Based on Kolb’s experiential learning theory, sessions enable participants to reflect on and develop their professional skills.

Through our person-centred approach, we empower each learner to step out of their comfort zones.

In a safe, connected space participants explore the keystones of effective leadership – activating learning and memorable change.

“Wow. Thank you for supporting our Leadership conference. Your session certainly had everyone talking and scored highest of all 7 workshops. Feedback included “Had to be the best leadership workshop I have done in my 25 years in business, (private & public sector) I would highly recommend”, ” Just Brilliant”, “Excellent- best workshop ever!”, “Highlight of the conference for me” Thank you so much for supporting our day” 

Mike Gibbons, Director of External Relations, Manchester Metropolitan University


We provide a person-centred, professional service that activates learning and memorable change for you and the wider community.

As a Community Interest Company (CIC), the profits we generate support our singing for wellbeing projects. So, in choosing Shared Harmonies CIC you are automatically investing in your CSR profile.

Throughout the year we work with a range of people with long term health conditions. By booking a team building session with us you are supporting our:

  • Singing for Breathing group– working with people with COPD
  • Singing for Happiness groups – working with people struggling with mental health
  • Sing Therapy group – working with people affected by cancer

Contact Us to make a difference inside and outside your organisation.

 Take a look at testimonials from the businesses we work with to understand how we have helped them build a thriving workplace culture.

We provide a friendly but highly professional service and as an added bonus, because we are a Community Interest Company (CIC), any profits generated are directed straight back into supporting local community projects.

By choosing a team building session with us you will be directly supporting our Singing for Breathing group – working with people with COPD, our Singing for Happiness groups- working with people struggling with mental health or our Sing Therapy group- working with people affected by cancer

Contact Us or take a look at testimonials from the businesses we work with

Emma was fantastic at encouraging everyone to participate. The event was well received, engaging and a lot of fun! Thank you so much for a brilliant session; Shared Harmonies is highly recommended by Nissan.

Rachel Turgoose