Common Purpose

The process which Shared Harmonies designed for us was very effective, probably one of the best creative sessions we have had on Common Purpose. It exceeded our brief in terms of how quickly she made participants willing and able to get out of their comfort zone. Participants loved the facilitator and we will definitely make more use of Shared Harmonies on our courses.

Sinai Synagogue

Shared Harmonies provided an afternoon’s team building for the trustees of my synagogue in the form of a singing workshop. The workshop started with eight timid Brits not wanting to sing, and ended in a beautiful round of harmony singing and everyone amazed at what they achieved. It was a beautiful, creative and effective team building event, and all down to the facilitators skills

Bradford College

As a Senior Leadership Team we work so hard and have many different challenges and thought it would be really good to do some team-building exercises. It provided a real bond for the group. You could see at the end the group really trusting each other and expressing their voices.

To see colleagues who you normally see across a boardroom letting themselves go was good fun. I thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so I might even join a singing group. We all came away feeling much happier and we valued each other’s contribution to the teamwork.

Right Fuel Cards

The workshop delivered by Shared Harmonies was a really great experience. Going out of your comfort zone can be a real challenge, but as soon we got going, we enjoyed every single moment of it! The exercise requires you to work in small groups, whilst knowing that you’re part of something larger and making an impact on the overall performance. It was amazing what we achieved as a group in a fairly short space of time – and very few of us could sing! A liberating experience and one we’d definitely recommend for teams and businesses to have some fun whilst doing something constructive towards team spirit.

Team Building Nissan

A member of my team suggested we use ‘Shared Harmonies’ for a work event to build relationships amongst the group. Honestly speaking, I was a bit nervous about the reaction we would get trying to convince 30 people that singing would help to inspire teamwork. I needn’t have been! Emma was fantastic at encouraging everyone to participate. The event was well received, engaging and a lot of fun! Comments from the team included: “It helped me see that when the team come together, we can make great things happen”, “I want to start every day with the positivity I feel now” and “Today, I’ve learned something new about people I have worked with for years”. Thank you so much for a brilliant session; Shared Harmonies is highly recommended by Nissan.

Anon 7

General happiness & feeling connected to others has definitely improved & the
sense of self confidence & lighthearted evenings have helped me with a lot of
anxiety based issues. It is a great way to feel uplifted & escape from anything
difficult that’s going on in your life

Anon 6

Improvement in mood & overall confidence; fantastic

Anon 5

Amazing feeling of happiness after sessions

Anon 4

It lifts the confidence & the spirits

Anon 3

Always been told I could not sing, now I know anyone can sing