Weʼre raising £10,000 to support people most impacted by restrictions in response to Covid-19 through our creative online projects, improving connection & wellbeing

We have all experienced an extended period of reduced human interaction. While some people are now able to move around with some increased freedom, many are still very limited. This lack of human interaction has had a huge negative impact on our wellbeing.

Shared Harmonies CIC have been working hard to deliver online services and experiences that keep us connected and uplifted. We are running regular Facebook lives to top and tail the week, weekly zoom singalongs and additional projects such as ‘Our Song’, bringing people together in the creation and sharing of a new song.

Our sessions are fun, interactive and easily accessible. They also deliver a range of benefits including reducing stress & anxiety, aiding sleep, strengthening respiratory system and creating a wonderful wellbeing boost. We also enable people to feel part of a supportive community.

We are determined to keep these services free to access to anyone that will benefit. We usually fund this work though our corporate services but during Covid, demand for these has significantly reduced while demand for our community services has dramatically increased. This funding will help cover our core and delivery costs and ensure we can continue to support those who need us

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