Community Singing Workshops

Community Singing Workshops

Singing can help improve posture and breathing, help improve mood and feelings
of happiness and help you connect with others.

We believe that everyone can sing – despite what they may have been led to believe! All our community singing groups are friendly and no previous experience is required. All songs are taught by call and response so there is no need to read music. We teach simple, inspirational and seasonal songs from a wide variety of world cultures including songs that are moving, songs which uplift and songs which make your heart and soul smile!

Singing can help improve;

  • Posture
  • Breathing
  • Improve mood and feelings of happiness
  • Help you connect with others


Feedback from participants:

I found the singing rejuvenating & refreshing

Has helped with my confidence & general well being

Always been told I could not sing, now I know anyone can sing

It lifts the confidence & the spirits

Amazing feeling of happiness after sessions

Improvement in mood & overall confidence; fantastic

General happiness & feeling connected to others has definitely improved & the
sense of self confidence & lighthearted evenings have helped me with a lot of
anxiety based issues. It is a great way to feel uplifted & escape from anything
difficult that’s going on in your life

Individual descriptions:

Singing for Breathing

Singing for anyone affected by a longterm lung condition from asthma to COPD.
Supported by British Lung Foundation.
Map to get there:

Haven Singing Therapy Leeds

Singing group open to anyone ever effected by any type of cancer. Supportive
group which helps increase confidence, lift spirits and boost well-being.

Keighley can Sing

Friendly group supported by Big Local Keighley. Come along and sing with others
to increase confidence, well-being and have fun.

Singing for Happiness (Halifax)

Supportive group aimed at increasing confidence, lifting mood & improving mental
well-being. This course is delivered as part of Calderdale’s Recovery College
programme. For more information or to book a place please contact: 01422 393339 or

Singing for Happiness Knaresborough(Orb)

Friendly, supportive group aimed at increasing confidence, lifting mood &
improving mental wellbeing through singing. For more information please contact:
01423 202028 or email